Nepal, Kathmandu

I left Bangkok and my beautiful Nelly early in the morning to join Rebecca and Moso at the international airport, Nepal we are coming !!! . We are all very excited about the three is going to Nepal and after two weeks together on the Island bamboo reunion here for a new adventure.

I took the time during the flight to read the lonely planet to know a little bit more about our next destination.
A stop little bite stressful in NewDehli airport because Moso had a lighter hidden in his purse and the police can not find it and after 30 minutes of searching, they finally let him pass. Moso had a head to be searched … And it’s not finish, 15 min before boarding impossible to find his ticket for the plane embarkation … After returning to the police and after returning the bag completely, we find it. Now we must run to not miss our plane, it was very funny 🙂
In this plane to Kathmandu we meet Antoine a Parisian who travel around the world for 7 months, more prepared and equipped than us to Nepal, he join our small team.

We arrived in a city really dirty, lot of dust everywhere in the streets. Our hotel is in the Thamel part of Kathmandu, the foreigner quarter with all the shops selling stuff to do trek and others extreme sports. It’s really amazing because all the street are the same here and after ten minutes of shopping were already lost 🙂
Here we are, the first dish we took was the local one the Dahlbat it’s like the Tali in India, lot of rice and different portion beside, really good because it’s all you can eat. I like this, good food and a really different climate compare to South Est of Asia. Here the power and the wifi are really rare, there is some cut during the day and it’s starting to be hard to upload photos, i don’t know how to manage because in India it’s worth …

Ok trek now, we are searching for a trek more than five days but less than twenty-five. We finally decided to make the trek to Langtang for thirteen days total full packed with a travel company and do in the other side our Indian visa. Now we need to equip ourselves ! because here it’s F###$#@$ cold and I have only in my bag beach cloths … Five degree night in town and up to minus twenty in the mountains. Three days before the trek to be well equipped for walking and for the cold, clean the bags and the mind also.

Let’s do it !