37 days in Mysore


After couple of days in Bangalore to work on my projects, I finally reach Mysore the city of Ashtanga Yoga. I decided to stay there for one month minimum. I don’t want a room in a hotel for that long so I need to find a flat. During my days in Bangalore I tried to contact everyone how have a flat to rent but via mail it’s not really easy. After three days in a hotel searching for a flat, I finally found it.  A lovely flat with three rooms, a salon, bathroom and bedroom, ok my kitchen is near my bed as my fridge but it much better than a room in a hotel believe me. There is a nice little garden around it and the family how live there is really nice.


I did crepes !!! Miam !


Lankshmipuram is a nice quarter to stay, you can find place between 200rp to 300rp a night for minimum one month. There is some few places where you can find some western food as the Heritage and the Jannaki restaurant, but I recommended you Indian restaurant as the Mahesh Prasad or simply the street food. Otherwise for 40rp you can reach the center and find good restaurant. Near the Gandy square the top roof restaurant or the hotel RRR. You can find school for 9000rp a month, for beginner the Mandala Yoga is perfect but for advanced go to Ajai school.

I apply for a one month yoga course in the Mandala Yoga center school with Chidananda as teacher. It’s two hours of Yoga per day, all the days excepted Sunday and moon days. The first week was pretty hard because I was not used to do this type of Yoga and also because the teacher was pouching me. After five weeks I was able to do thing’s I was not capable to do before and believe me Yoga is not just good for your body but also for your mind, it put you in a state of mind where you are really happy and open to enjoy everything it can happened to you in the life. Now I love doing and thinking Yoga Sourire.



During moon day there is some yoga event at the big palace, hundred of people doing 108 sun salutation at the same time.

Costume party for the last day of Francois and Micha.


Friends I met in Arambol, Goa, were here as Mimi with Yury, Marta, Francois, Moso and Kasha. I also met really nice people here, Severine, Sahid, Micha, Steva, Nicole, Enrique and Lianna. We where all leaving in the same quarter (Lakshamipuram) doing Yoga in different school. With some guitar courses and expedition with Sahid during the weekend my days was fully spend. Thank you all for all the times spend together, I will never forget this part of my travel Sourire


Mysore is a nice city to visit and to discover. I really miss the Tchai and the street food, with 40 Indian rupee (less than one euro) you can eat and drink as much you can, this is really nice ! Also Mysore in February is pretty empty (of tourist) and you can feel the real India here, cows in the street, children keeping asking you the same questions (what is your name? Country ?), Indian men in sari and everybody looking at you with big eyes, you just need to smile and everybody gonna come to talk you, it’s really simple.


It’s a little part of a life five weeks, it’s also the longest time I ever spend in the same place in all my trip. It’s already time to leave Mysore and all my routines, I have the feeling that I will come back here to do a teaching training Yoga course … maybe … We never know Clignement d'œil

The Holly City of Hampi

It’s time for us to move from this paradisiac place and take back the road again to see more about India, Hampi here we go !


We took a night bus from Arambol to Hampi with Tom and arrived at 6:30 am in this beautiful Holly place. The landscapes here are amazing, we are surrounded by huge red rocks and green rice fields. Like it’s an Holly place there is no alcohol, no meat and no tandoor, just vegetarian restaurants.


We spend three days here to visit all the temples. We find a really good Rickshaw driver call Jeelan. If you are planning to come in Hampi I can recommended you to take him for a few days, he will take you in all great Temples and restaurants and also explain you lot of things about the history of those places. You can contact him with this number (+91)7-829-989-516.



We found a guesthouse in the middle of Hampi Bazar, it’s really nice to take the breakfast during the morning in front of the temples and see all the monkeys playing in the palms threes. The city is really nice and calm, little streets where Rickshaws and cows try to make them own way between tourists and local people’s. We find also a really good place call Bamboo (always good places with this name) to chill out and having nice dinners.


We spend the last day in the other side of the city across the river with Tom friend’s trying a good Israelite restaurant and eating really good Falafel. Tom and Daniel are going to Hyderabad and I’m going to Bangalore, we took a last time our favourite Rickshaw driver to go to Hostpet to take our night bus. It’s already time to say good-bye and for me to be on my own again. Thank you Tom for all the days we spend together between Arambol and Hampi, it was really nice to travel with you, I had really good times.


I’m traveling now since five months in Asia and I just realize now that I’m really lucky to do this trip. I had this strange feeling when I was waiting my bus, alone, seating in a white garden plastic chair at 8:00 pm in front of the travel agency. Maybe I’m dreading what gonna happens next, not as much as in Vietnam during the first days but a little bit after all. Like Bob said, don’t worries man, every little things gonna be alright, I’v got also all my family and friends supporting me in this trip so I’m not afraid at all Clignement d'œil.