Kampot and it’s surrounding area

So i left « rabbit island » and i was really lucky because when i arrived in the Kep arbor i meet two really nice retired French guys, Michel and Jean and they decided to pick me up on their jeep for free and go in Kampot city, 20km from Kep 🙂 20121014-191651.jpg
I toke a room in the hotel they recommended to me and we toke a lunch near the river together. 20121014-191821.jpg
Like i arrived a bite late here, i had just time to toke a shower and do a little tour of the town before reaching a little restaurant to take my dinner. Tomorrow i will have a full day to visit all the city and around. 20121014-192136.jpg
The Bokor
I woke up early and i was again lucky to see Michel when i toke my breakfast, he ask me to join them to go to the Bokor national park by jeep instead going there with a tourist tour 🙂20121015-182311.jpg20121015-182324.jpg20121015-182333.jpg20121015-181519.jpg
This jeep was not really strong and the gear really light so she had some problems to do all the road but she did it :p !!
At the top there were an old French casino before the Khmer rouge decide to destroy it and now Cambodian people’s decide to build a new one much bigger than the other one.20121015-182923.jpg
There is also some pagoda over there.20121015-184702.jpg


Then we decided to went back to Kampot to take a lunch and after to spend the rest of the day on my motorbike visiting the city.

Next destination: Sihanouk city. It’s the biggest place for party’s and for the beaches in Cambodia. See ya !!