Kaoh Russei ( Bamboo island ) : the come back !!

Well after Phnom Penh and the Angkor Temples i was missing too much the peaceful atmosphere who reign in Koh Ru island so instead going to the North of Cambodia i decide to came back there.
When i arrived there Mo So was still there and some of the people’s i meet in Cambodia during my travel were here also because of me 🙂
I really enjoy to spend the rest of my Cambodia visa (two weeks) here fishing, doing Yoga and playing guitar with Pedro.
I learn how to fish squid with a line and a fake fish, i spend also 14h in a fishing boat during the night to catch squid and big fish, a really good experience to know better the fisher man’s work, i will never forget this.
The staff and the local people’s in Koh Ru island are really nice especially if it’s your second time and if you spend more than one week over there.
My original plan was to go to Laos after Cambodia but after meeting many traveler and heard many story i decided to follow Mo So and go to Nepal and India after here. The first time i meet him i didn’t change my plans but after few days of reflexion i changed my mind 🙂
Voila two weeks of relaxation in paradise before going to Bangkok for two weeks and go to Nepal on the 27th of November.
I want to make a special dedicate for all the people i meet over there, you all gonna miss me !!
Pedro, Mo So, Oren, Matias, Sabina, Rebeca, Guevo and Guevo, Sarah, Vida, Sophia, Ramone, Prawn, Sun, Nimo, Yot, Fabian, Valeria, Black Mamba, …. Thanks you all, it was a really good time and i had a lot of fun !











Halloween party ….  crazy night !!!!


Kaoh Russei, Bamboo island

The French couple i meet in Rabbit island said me to go to this place, they said me that it was amazing 🙂

So i toke a boat early on the morning.
I meet on the boat two nice guy from Argentina and also them friend, a group of nine Argentine, Brazil and Spanish girls. We arrived in a zen place, a perfect one, beach with white sand, a clear light blue sea, littles bungalows just in front of the sea.







I spend 3 nights here :D, it’s one of my really good moments during my travel. I meet many nice people there and i also did my first Yoga course.
If you want to relax yourself in an natural place far from the tourists you need to go there 🙂
During the night after the power cut we did big fires and enjoy it with my guitar. We remix the song of Jean Jacques Goldman « Bonne idée » by « Holidays »



Today it was really difficult to leave this place but i need to move on and i have a lot to see in Cambodia. I’m back to Sihanoukville for few days with my two Argentine friends.




Kaoh Tonsay, rabbit island

I decided to go in this little island near Kep city call the rabbit island. It’s only 20min by boat and we arrived in a little beach with some bungalows and restaurants, just a few. I decided to pass one night here.





I pass my day time in the beach and doing a little tour of the island. At the end of the day I meet a French couple, Louis Marie and Valerie and a super guy how spend eleven days here call Franky. We toke the diner together and had some drinks also it was really nice to share some good time with them.

To finish this wonderful day we decided with LM and Valerie to take a swim at 2h am with the fluorescents plankton, it was really amazing to see all those little lights around us on this really dark night. It was my first time seeing this phenomena, exceptional :D, kind of thing you had to share with your girlfriend !!!

This morning i decided to left the island and go to Kampot.