Christmas in Pokhara

425589_468585463204419_2014947279_nMerry Christmas everybody !

I spend a really good Christmas eve here in Pokhara with all my friends. After all those treks it was really good just to enjoy the time together and have some really good food as well.
Here we have the best weather for Christmas: a little 5 degrees Sourire

Love Nepal !!!



For me it’s new, it’s the first time I spend Christmas and the new year far from my family and my friends so if you are still reading my blog be sure that I’m thinking about you all the time and my best wish were to be with you for the next days. A big kiss also for all the friends I met during my trip from Vietnam to Nepal.

Dad, Happy birthday ! I love you and don’t worry it’s just a number you are still look young and definitely not yet grandfather Sourire




We tried to reproduce as best a good Christmas diner so wine and meat in the menu !!


And then celebrate this special day with a really good outside electronic party. I don’t remember all of this night and I also lost my Iphone… yes again ! the second Iphone in four months Sourire Crazy night !!

It’s our last night all together, Antoine and Rebecca I will miss you guys !