Arambol city, Welcome in Goa

After few days in Calangute we decided to moved in the North of Goa, first we stopped in a place call Morjim (little Moscow), full of Russian peoples and really expensive, after some hours spend to find a descent accommodation, we decided to take back a cab and try an other city. After few hours of road we find a really nice place call Arambol. Here compare to the other place there is more foreigners than Indian and most of the people who work in guesthouses and restaurants are mostly from Nepal.



After all those places we visited, I was quite tired so I just toke the first available room I saw. I’m in OM Star Guesthouse, owned by Nepalese’s guy, a bit noisy and the bed is really hard but the staff are nice and the food not so bad. It’s seem to be an Israelite place here. I steel have this computer to repair and steel thinking to buy a new Iphone after lost my last one in Nepal. I don’t feel really good here with all those stuff in my mind, I need to resolved them as soon as possible.


So the first thing I did was to find a place were I can repair my Laptop and change my battery, after few visits in the Samsung customer center in Panjim and one week of waiting I finally repair it !!! I feel much beter without this Laptop problem, now I can enjoy my days here with a working computer and a good battery.




Goa … Here we are Tire la langue, you can cross lot of Hippies peoples and groups doing yoga or meditation on the beach. Every days during the sunset there is a drum session in the middle of the beach with lot of people dancing and having fun. Arambol is a chill out place, if you need to rest after a really long trip around Asia and particularly in India come in there you will find all the peace and the rest you need.


Moso and I did a Yoga course during one week at the Ayanga Yoga Hymalaya center, a bit quiet and slow compare to the Yoga I learned in Vietnam with Fredo (Ashtanga) but really good for the mind, this session help me to rest myself and forget all the little problems I have in my mind. Before starting the Yoga course I changed guesthouse and go to the Laughing Buda Guesthouse, I had a really good Hut with a beautiful view of the sea and a sunny balcony between 4 and 5pm, ideal to finish a hard lazy day on the beach Clignement d'œil. The food here is really nice and cheap also so all of our lunch and dinner was taken here. After few days every guest was speaking to each other, playing chest, guitar, it was like home. I meet an Indian couple, Ravi and Sri, I want to thanks them for all they did, I spend really nice moments with them, I will never forget !


In total we spend three weeks in Goa, it’s time to move on and see more about India. Here I meet lot of people and everybody gonna take different ways after Goa. Also Moso was not really ready to move and a bit disturb by a Polish girl so I decide to move on without him and take back the road on my own, well not really because as I meet a group of Israel, we decide with Tom to move to Hampi together.

Bye bye Moso, the two past months was crazy, I loved traveling throw Nepal and India with you, have a good trip and I wish you lot of good things for your next months of travel, maybe we will see us again, we never know … it’s a small world Clignement d'œil.