Trekking in Annapurna

Finally Moso wanted to stay in Pokhara to have some rest an wait maybe Rebecca in our hotel.
There is lot of things to do there and the quality of the air is much better than Kathmandu.
He will be fine during the next seven days.

Day 1

So Antoine and me changed our mind and left earlier Pokhara to have more time trekking.
We did our pass, stamps, photos and last shopping at 10 am and start the trek at 12 am.
The taxi driver try to cheat on us and ask us 10euros more for the drive to Nayapul when we get out his car …
After 10min of talk we decide to give him more but not what he was expecting … It’s starting F&€:€@ well …
For the drive back I hope we will find a bus or a taxi less expensive.
The road is really big and there is some motorbike and car, the first hour of walk was really hard and take back our walk routine too.
After one hour we find a spot to eat a fried rice quickly and continue our walk.
The second part was a little bit harder, just up and up.
Two hours of big steps before reaching Ulleri, a little village at an altitude of 1960 meters.
We manage to find a place to sleep for free if we stayed there and eat.
Hopefully they have also a really good shower with lot of hot water 🙂 time to rest and be ready for tomorrow.

Day 2

After a fast breakfast in the sun, we left at 9am, not really early for Trekkers ..
But it’s ok, we are really in good mood today and we start by doing two hour of walk without stopping.
We finally reach the lunch destination to early so we decide to have our lunch, diner and sleep in the final destination and do something more during the afternoon.
We finally reach Gorepabi 2899 meters for lunch and after we went to Pon Hill 3310 meters to see the sunset over there.
We spend like two hours waiting the sun, it was a bit freezing but really amazing. I think it’s the highest point of this short trek so it’s why we enjoy it.
As all nights Dharbat for diner, two time ( it’s an all you can eat meal) at 6h30 and went to sleep early to woke up for the sun rise.

Day 3

We woke up at 7am today and we take more than one hour to start our trek, we really want to go far today so normally it gonna be harder than yesterday.
At first we were walking behind the others people’s from the same guest house and I decide to go faster. We did like 30 min of fast walk going up and up and we lost them really easily.
After 2h30 of walk we were in our lunch destination Tarapani 2100 meters, I think the others gonna sleep here tonight.
After one hour of lunch and rest we leave the place to go to Chomrong 2140 meters, it’s a bit crazy but we really want to do it, we need to go down like 1800 meters and go up again.
It took us 2h45 to reach this beautiful village in the middle of all those hills. Antoine and me have no more energy but we are glad …
we did it, 35km of trek and up and down, a guide told us that for normal people it’s take two days to do it 🙂 !!! Crazy !!!
After a good hot shower and a cloths wash, we are resting ourself around a cup of coffee and some energies bars.
The guest house don’t have a heater because from this area to the Annapurna base camp it’s forbidden to cut wood so we will dry our cloths with the sun tomorrow during walking.
A good dharbat and at 7h30 we are already in our bed. For this trek I didn’t take sleeping bags and after tomorrow it gonna be colder and colder :).
We are thinking about what we did today, it’s really amazing and we hope tomorrow gonna be the same.

Day 4

Woke up at 7am as all the days, breakfast with porridge and coffee and we are ready to start.
I have some muscles pain from yesterday walk and the first hour was a bit hard. After passing the hardest part we were going down, way to bamboo our lunch destination.
Dharbat to change our habitude and charging with the sun our device because it’s gonna be hard to have electricity after.
My ankle hurt me a bit this morning, I hope it gonna be ok for the rest of the trip.
After two hour of walk I decide to stop and go down because it’s starting to be really painful.
It toke us 30 min to find a place to pass the night and to rest.
I did stretching, put in cold water my foot and massage with some cream.
Dharbat again as usual and let’s sleep, tomorrow we are going to start go down, we have three more nights.
The plan was to pass the solecist at the Annapurna base camp but I can’t go father with this kind of foot, I don’t really want that to be worth and we prefer go down slowly right now than force and break something.
We will see tomorrow after a good night.

Day 5

My ankle is better this morning but it’s hard to say without trying to walk, let’s have a breakfast and take our time before leaving. The first part was ok but after couples of hours we both felt some pain in our legs and me especially my foot.
We did all the way down without having lunch and then up to Chomrong were we spent one night before. The last uphill was really hard, we were both thinking about the pain au chocolat we had here and that’s help us to finish this part.
Here the sun is down at 14h so after the lunch we were really lazy and as all night we are at 20h in our bed. I have some pain behind my right leg, I try to do my best to heal it by doing some massage and stretching, I hope it gonna be enough to go back to Pokhara.

Day 6

Today it’s the 21/12/12, it mean the end of the word and we are going down 🙂 most of the people’s here in the mountain, locals and foreigners don’t really car about the EOW.
We don’t have Internet access so impossible for us to know what is appending in the rest of the world, I hope that is not my last write. Mam Dad Sister’s I love you.
So we are going down today, we decide to go where we can and see when you gonna be back in town. After dome hours of walk we where really close to the Jeep camp so we decide to skip the lunch and take a Jeep straight to Pokhara.
We arrived at 4pm in town and had a big lunch, some BBQ pork to change, i’m really bored of the Dharbat.
It’s really nice to come back and to see again Moso, Rebecca and BG, we have lot of stories, pictures and many good things to share with them.
I really loved this trek, Antoine was a really good team partner and we manage this one without any guide or porter very well.

Pour Antoine : Merci mon pote ce fut vraiment de très bon moments partagés avec toi, quand tu veux pour une prochaine escapade !!